Hayden-Harman Book Donations to Aid Community

Patrick Harman has announced a donation of book sales to the United Way of Greater High Point. The book I Believe in High Point, a Hayden-Harman Foundation project, is being offered to generate donations in lieu of sales to benefit the UWGHP Emergency Fund.

The UWGHP Emergency Fund has been established to provide essential services through local organizations for community members struggling with the impacts of COVID-19. All funds raised will be directly allocated into our community to best serve those in need.

During this crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, our community is collaborating in amazing ways to support our neighbors mentally, physically and financially impacted by COVID-19. To assist with the UWGHP Emergency Fund initiative, the Hayden-Harman Foundation has presented the generous offer to share the book, I Believe in High Point, for donations to help with these community needs.

I Believe in High Point captures the stories of High Point citizens and their love for our city. Hayden-Harman Foundation staff interviewed over 60 High Pointers in the fall of 2015 and spring of 2016, documenting the passion residents have for High Point and the importance this community holds for them. These interviews were conducted at numerous events throughout the city, and have now been elegantly attributed in time.

“The Hayden-Harman Foundation is thrilled to partner with the United Way of Greater High Point to support its COVID-19 Emergency Fund,” says Patrick Harman of the Hayden-Harman Foundation. “We created the ‘I Believe in High Point’ book to capture High Pointers’ love for their city. It was only natural to pair these two efforts as High Pointers band together to make it through this crisis.”

Donations to help in the UWGHP emergency efforts can be made through the UWGHP website here. With a $25 online donation, starting April 28 through June 5, you will receive a copy of I Believe in High Point via mail. All proceeds will go to the UWGHP Emergency Fund to help build a stronger community. For more information, please contact UWGHP at 336.883.4127 or visit their website.

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